Are people from different races/cultures/religion different in relationships than one another? if so then how?

and are you different than your SO


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  • Yes. At least the western and Asian cultures are different when it comes to relationships.

    In the east, you date in order to marry. Which is not always the case in the west. So in the east, there is much less "casual dating" or "on-off-relationships". You're either committed to the person and are heding down marriage lane, or you're single and looking for that right person. No in-between, or few.


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  • Yes they are if you see a relationship between 2 black people rather than 2 white people it's way different , me personally with my experiences white men are more polite rather than black men to answer q#2 my SO is a white guy and im back obviously

  • from what I've seen it this:4

    British guys: Hello darling your looking lovely today
    American guys:yo shawty you lookin hellaz fine winna winna chicken dinna letz get naked
    arab guys:hello would you like to make a friendship


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