When would you consider a girl too big to date?

Hyphotetical question: When would you consider a girl too big to date (at what weight) I realize that girls carry weight differently, but here Im just gonna assume she have a normal body type. I also realize personality is VERY important, but that is not what this is about either.

The girl is 5'6 or 5'5.

Pictures are welcome, if you can't put a particular number on it.


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  • I prefer chubby girls, and when I say chubby I don't mean curvy. I like cute girls who have some fat on them, rather than muscular, scrawny, or 'curvy' girls. Any women bigger than Meg white when she did her sex tape is too big, google it because if I link the video the answer may be taken down.

    • What do you define as "chubby" and what as "curvy"? :)
      She doesn't look very big.

  • 160 lbs? Next thing you know she'll have to go to the rock quarry to get weighed.


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