"I don't mess with FB often?" Does it mean he's just not into it?

So I ask this guy to come over to my house for dinner after he stated a few days back, maybe we could hang out. Well on fb when someone sees message it will show seen, this message didn't show seen until several days later, actually the day I had asked him to come over, anyways he never responded. Then the next day I message him and said hey I hope I didn't freak you out, it's okay if your not interested I don't want this to be awkward for you in passing, cause well he's my next door neighbor. He said no no really it's totally okay, I felt bad I didn't respond. I don't really mess with fb often so I forget to check it. I responded that's fine. And that was that nothing left it open ended! What does this mean? Does it mean he's just not into it? I'm
Pretty sure it does it's just confusing because previous statements.


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  • It sounds to me like he isn't interested. If he was, he probably would have responded to you as soon as he read your first message. I don't think he is into you as much as you are into him.