Hey girls (guys too), simple question, should I mention that in an eventual first date or just if im flirting with a girl?

Just wondering, I can't say I have a lot of exp in the flirting world, but if a guy mention to you that he's virgin, or never had a GF, is it a good idea?

I think its a double edge sword, because in 1 way, the girl might find that really cute and nice that you are not a player who wants to sleep with as many girls as possible, but on the other hand, she might be turn off, or find that innapropriate to say etc...

What do you think? Is it worth mentioning it? Is the potential of gaining additional points to her eyes worth the risk?

P. S im not proud nor ashame of being virgin, I just dont care and im happy like that ! :)


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  • don't say you are a virgin unless she asks directly or is bought up, because that would just be real awkward, you can, however, say that you never had a GF, nothing wrong with that but the way you tell her will determine the success, don't just walk up to her or change topic randomly and say it, you need to lead conversation into it and subtly mention it

    just an example lead the talk into pets and talk about your handsome/pretty pet dog finding a boy/girlfriend at the park whilst you were walking it and add in the idea that your pet dog has had more girlfriends than you have
    this is simple, the main point of the conversation is about your dog and not about you not having a girlfriend so it won't be weird plus you are still able to get the message across

    use this as a guide lol because i don't know that much context but hopefully you get what i mean :)

    • yeah ty, but dont worry, I was not gonna go hi, how are you, hey by the way, im virgin!

      I was just wondering that if I had a good opportunity of mention it to her, would it be worth it

    • awesome, you got the point :) good luck!

    • I think telling her this is more for your own comfort, I doubt it will be much of a turnoff for anyone unless somehow the person has been burned by a lot of people who've never had girlfriends before.
      My perspective, it will make you look innocent and approachable which is great for a relationship :)

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  • It is interesting to mention, but just not on the 1st date. Wait till you get to know her better and she gets to know you too. Because that kind of stuff is a bit personal and you shouldn't revel that much on a first date.


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  • Good for you on not caring about the virgin thing (it's blown outta proportion these days anyways). I would tell her the truth if she asks but don't rush to tell her you a virgin.