Do you think girls in 20s only want short term relationships and will settle for nice guys when their time is over?

I currently experience and observe the situations of many couples. Girls are likely to cheat on their boyfriends. They will sleep around and go to party, then they get drunk and have sexual interactions with guys at the party. When they hit 30, they realize their time and beauty are over and will settle for nice guys. Nice guys are being used and manipulated by girls ( most of them) so that they can spend money on clothes. Also, many wives refuse to work after they get married. Single moms are the examples of my question. Be thoughtful when answering my question. What do you think?

Here comes a wave of feminists who are likely to defend their gender. Please give me your honest, unbiased answers.


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  • I think you are right bro.


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  • Im 21 do not drink do not go clubbing or partying and i'm engaged and we have a child together so i do not agree i feel your generalising due to your own bad experiences

    • He is speaking for in general not all cases genius

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    • Don't have to say sorry. Feminists are systematically supposed to defend their race.

    • Lol i am not a feminist i have old fashioned views i. e i think a man should take charge in a relationship be the man the protector etc and a woman should be submissive, make sure her mans happy by cooking etc i just dont like when people generalise a whole group based on the actions of a few

  • Not usually. Most girls who marry nice guys were their type all along. The reformed wild girls are settling down with reformed wild guys.

    • I think the less attractive awkward nice guy who is holding out for a hot, bubbly gal is more likely to get used by a much younger girl who has been a gold digger the whole time, in my opinion. I have friends of all types. Mostly, like attracts like.

    • The ugly and average girls are not innocent. Have you looked at the stats of divorce? Women are the initiators of ending their marriages. Men are slaves of the contract. Girls are selfish, greedy, and nefarious. The more attractive they look the sooner they become. I also condemn abusive husbands and boyfriends.

    • Divorce stats are skewed because women often file the paperwork even when both partners want the divorce. My own mother filed divorce because my dad moved out with another woman. I know at least 5-6 couples with a similar story. Etc. Frankly, I think most humans kinda suck at marriage and you've just got to be really careful and work really hard.

  • I'm 20 and I never go partying, I'm pretty much always with my family when I am not in school. I have never had a boyfriend, but when I get one, I hope that things work out for the long run. Some girls might be like the way you described, but most aren't and since you don't know that, you probably aren't going after the right ones.

    • Thank you for replying my question, mrs. intellectual. I guess you are a minority of good girls. Guys will be lucky to have you in their lives. Now, you are dismissed. Thank you!

    • You asked what we though and I gave you a fact. You are who your friends are, so if you are the type of person that goes to parties, guess what, you're going to be around girls that are exactly the same way. I am not that type of person, therefore all the girls that I am around aren't that way either. Honestly, I can tell from your reply that you are a male version of these girls that you are describing, so it's not shocking to me that you can't find a good girl.

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  • Nopes.
    people who have this notion of "nice guys finish last" ain't "nice guys" at all, but people who look for a reason why they ain't in a relationship.