How to overcome overall shyness with girls?

Because its ridiculous I have no confidence and I get nervous when a girl asks me a simple question. I know I can get a gf, and I better before prom and homecoming. I'm good looking, but I just can't seem to talk to one normally. How to overcome this an be a new man by the end of the year?


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  • It takes time and I remember being scared to talk to the guys that I liked but I've since gotten over that. All I can say is that if you feel like you aren't confident you should try to fake it. Usually people can't tell whether your confidence is real or fake. You have to learn that in order to get over being shy you really have to slowly put yourself out there and talk to girls. If you believe that you will not get scared and that you can do it then most likely you will be able to talk to girls with confidence. It's all in the head, you have to mentally give yourself an ego boost.


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