Is she testing me? Or is she legitimately busy? How do I act?

Been with this girl about a month and a half. She's 22, I'm 27 (she's more experienced too). She's recently out of a long, and bad relationship, but she asked me out because she knew I wanted to. We've gone out ten times, each time progressively more physical (without sex). She wants to go slow because she has a hard time trusting, but she's the aggressor (she spontaneously asked me to meet just to see if we're kiss compatible (our first kiss)). We text often and call one another most days. We make out, she kisses my neck up and down, pulls on my shirt, bites my ear, pulls me into her. I grab her waist, stroke her neck, and grab her butt.

A few days ago we see one another. She's a little distant, but still initiates a kiss (not much touching though). She says she had a great time, and apologized for the distance because she had a lot going on in her mind. She wishes me a good morning the next day, and I spontaneously surprise her at work with her favorite sandwich. She thanks me profusely, gives me a hug, blows me a kiss (didn't want to kiss her in front of her co-workers). She texts me thanking me for thinking of her, and that she's going to have a great day. I answer her text, ask her about our plans to see one another either Sunday or Monday, and I get silence. Over a day goes by with no response, until she apologizes for being busy but that she will text me Monday and she can hang out then :). I text her good morning, she says you too and says she'll let me know her plans once she wakes up. She texts back three hours later canceling our day. She said she had something come up that would take all day, and apologized.

She's had busy days before, but she usually responds somehow. It's gone all day with nothing but the cancellation. We have a daily routine of asking random questions, she hasn't answered mine today. I told her in the past I'm too old for games, so is she gaming me? She's become so distant these last two days, and I don't know how to handle it.

I'll also say that I've fallen a bit for her. She keeps telling me she likes me and that I'm funny, but that hasn't happened since our last time together. Her texting has become less emotional as well, but she's gone through phases of that in the past.
She also has a family life that's really upsetting, and is prone to depression. I just don't know how I want to talk to her, because I want to show I'm there if she's upset, but not if she wants me to be absent. We will have to see one another again, so she can't avoid me forever.


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  • I know someone i know went through a similar thing but what happened was pretty bad because she left him for someone else after showing those signs but is still keeping him on the line

    • I actually had that happen in January of this year, which is why I'm so concerned here. She talks about trust and loyalty a lot, so I have a hard time believing that she's seeing someone else at the same time. But I can't say I would be surprised in the long run.

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    • Well, that may be the case, but it's exactly those sorts of games that I don't want anything to do with. Not saying you're wrong, I'm just holding out hope that it's not the case. That may make me a wuss, but I just don't see it.

    • I give it to you because everyone is different and maybe it is just something little and just a little bump in the relationship

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