Why can't I get over this crush?

So I really like this guy and we have been talking for about eight months and he claimed to like me a lot. He would get jealous of other guys and when his friend tried to ask me out he got so angry. I really believed him when he said how much he liked me but when I would see him I'd get really nervous and he knew this but we rarely if ever talked in person. So I started to fall for him but he started to talk to other girls so I quickly ended things because I have trust issues. When I told him we could no longer speak he said ok and that was it. I still like him but I heard he's really into this girl I know. Should I forget about him and move on or should I try again with him? Why do you think he just said ok?


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  • Maybe he just respected your decision. Or he didn't have the confidence to tell you anything either. Well, what happened was really bad. If you knew he liked you I don't think that there would be a problem if you talked to him about it.

    I said this today aleady and I say it here every day, but I'll say again: it's better to do something, even if it goes wrong, than regret later for something you could've done. I learned it the hard way and apparently it's what happened to you. You can try again indeed. He's not dating anyone, is he? So, you have nothing to lose if you try. Actually you'll lose anyway if you don't.


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