Ex gf keeping tabs on her hookup while we are building a better relationship?

So me and my ex gf has been spending a lot more time recently for the past 2 weeks and it feels like we're a couple again. She's also started wearing this love bracelet and promise ring I got her 2 years ago and it made me happy.

However I think she still talks to this guy she hooked up with when we were broken up. She added him on Facebook again today. It hurts me cause she's still keeping tabs with him so I'm assuming she likes him.

She said she loves me and she does show it but why would she want to still keep talking to the guy she hooked up with? The guy probably doesn't care she's still talking to me cause he did have sex with her & I hate it. From a girl's point of view, what is she thinking?


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  • Some girls can be susceptible to mind games and guilt trips these guys play on them. She may be feeling bad for not speaking to him, or he is making her feel bad.

    You need to tell her that this upsets you and you want her to stop talking to him. If she really loves you, she will. Be clear that you can't stand the thought of her with someone else and he's just a reminder of that.

    • The part I don't get is if he is making her feel bad why does she keep talking to him when she has me instead?

    • Well firstly you don't know if they have been talking do you?

      Secondly because like I said, they can get inside girls heads. They know how to guilt.

      If you find out they are talking I would end things. Too much experience getting hurt from these situations would make me wise. Nonetheless you can at least try what I suggested.

  • I say this out of complete confidence and experience. LEAVE HER... NOW. She still loves you yes but she already found a guy to talk to when you mess up and he is not going anywhere and to be honest, the more you come at her about talking to him the worse it will get. Here is a trick I use to flip the script on some woman... I call it tug of war. This trick is to be the best you, let her have no complaints about the person you are now, in fact take up a hobby or get in the gym, for exactly one week shower her with love. Not saying buy her a whole bunch of shit I'm saying take her out. Get romantic, make love to her and show her that she is the one you love. After that week ask her about the other guy but be direct. " do you still talk to this guy" if she says yes then don't question it. For the next two weeks you have to be distant but not angry just distant and if she asks why then directly explain it to her "I'm not going to waste my love on you while your talking to this other guy" then let her know that you won't be mad if she chose him. Basically show her that her leaving you doesn't phase you... after a week or so she will be begging to have you back. Why? Becuase you shown her what honest love feels like and by that time the other guy already had sex with her and got what he came for so she'll be looking for that type of love again but by then you will have already moved on and that will drive her insane that she lost you

    • Don't be a bitch about it. Get aggressive and let her know, put your foot down. And what ever you do, don't show her that this bothers you. It's all about mind games believe it or not. It's too much to type but try to understand -bighearted