Is it weird to not have dated yet?

I've recently turned 25 and I've never really dated. I think I'm pretty normal, so to speak, and I'm generally a really social person (had dates to dances in high school, but have never been in a relationship). Dating has just never really been a huge priority for me, and instead I have just really focused on school (working on my doctorate) and other things in life. But now I'm getting to that point where you know, you start to feel that pull to have that kind of relationship with someone. I'm talking to a guy now, and who knows where that will go. I worry though that if I tell him at some point that I haven't dated before, that might make him think something is off?


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  • First of all I admire you thats honestly how I want to be working hard in school and since you're very young and getting your doctorates dont even worry you have a lot of time to date and even meet a person with goals similar to ur own,,, dont feel obligated to tell , well at least I wouldn't unless he asked cus its not a terrible dark secret, girl, ur good c:!


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  • No it's not. You just haven't found the right person

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