Have you ever been called crazy by the guy/ girl you are dating and they meant it?

Im in a relationship with this guy and he tells me im crazy all the time. At first, I thought he was joking but as time went on, I realized he meant it. Lol. I guess whenever I would get mad, my mouth has no filter. He feels like in his past relationships it was expected by the girls but because im not like them im considered crazy.


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  • Yeah my ex genuinely thought I was the trouble in the relationship.
    Funny how 8 months down the line I'm in a new relationship and I'm not being called crazy anymore and I'm still convinced she is a lunatic :)

    • Hahahah... Thats funny!

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    • Well, thanks. I would like to consider myself pretty normal. :)

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  • yep, it's happened.. I'm glad he's not in my life anymore. AND NO I DIDN'T KILL HIM :P