What Chances Do You Stand When Your Super Ugly?

im not physically appealing to the eyes. Its not a case of low self esteem but the honest truth of my reality. Girls say looks dont matter, PUA's say looks dont matter, some guys say it too. Tell me than why is it that as on a daily bases i make eye contact get girls heads turning there heads all the way around when passing them on the streets. Why is it that i get looks of disgust when greeting customers at my job. Theyre facial expression says it all. I dont dress bad either i wear button up dress shirts and suit pants. I get judged because im not physically appealing. I can't do anything about it is the sad thing its been a burden. Just last week my friend brought a girl with us on our way to the casino. They werent dating i think he was trying to hook me up. Anyways the girl after 5 minutes of seeing was repulsed by me. I was nice to her offered to buy her a meal but she ignored and looked at me in disgust. At times like this i feel im not treated like a human being. On a scale from 1 to 10 i consider myself a 1. Im skinny and weigh only 55kg, my height is 5ft10. Throughout my life I've been single never known what love feels like or the joy that comes with it. but I've felt the pain from rejection after rejection. I've stopped approaching women and I've come to terms that i'll probably die a lonely man. Im 19 and i thank god for what he's giving me but pray he changes my life. My friends go out partying, clubbing and enjoy the company of hundreds of girls. I've been disregarded by crushes some of whom my friends had hooked up with. I've asked girls on dates some never picked up their phone again and some ignored me. I won't get much eye contact from guys or girls when i speak to them. I no longer fear death like i once did.


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  • What Chances Do You Stand When Your Super Ugly?
    In my opinion that depends on your gender and what it is you want a chance at. Since you're a guy I'd guess you have a far lower than average chance at 'free' sex with young hot gals and an average chance at relationships/unsteady sex. The latter being based on your other attributes- career potential, wealth, status, personality, social skills, etc.

    "Tell me than why is it that as on a daily bases i make eye contact get girls heads turning there heads all the way around when passing them on the streets."
    If you're in America I find this common behavior for most gals because they don't want to be pestered/bothered with being hit on. Likely it's not your looks that matter but their time. I know gals who wear rings, put on headphones, or even hold up their dead cellphone to avoid being pestered.

    "I was nice to her offered to buy her a meal but she ignored and looked at me in disgust. At times like this i feel im not treated like a human being. "
    It's bit of an overreaction to me that you feel you're not being treated like a human being because a gal was uninterested in you. If anything you are being treated like a human being because she's displaying her lack of interest/attraction to you.


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  • Dude, you're 19. Calm down. You get more action than you want in the end. In the end it's about finding someone you like. That I can't help you with. But I hear you on the rejection. I was there once. P. M. me if you need some one on one advice. It's free, and worth about as much at it costs.

    • Give it to me straight doctor. I dont wanna wait till the end. Time waits for no man. What chances to do i stand?

    • Straight up: you have nothing to worry about. You basically have to change your attitude, how you present yourself. And it's not better, not worse. You have to trully be yourself, and directly reflect that. Then you'll get laid easilly. Ok, it's not that easy, but it is.

  • Ok, I can relate. First, nobody says you are stuck the way you are I used to be skinnier (52kg at 5'10), I was in acne years and fashion retarded. Yet, for some reason I still got some girls who liked me (among rejections). I think maybe it was that my personality and energy compensated for looks a bit. So in a way PUAs and girls are half right, looks do matter, but they can be overcompensated. Honestly I would say status and success are a big part of the equation. If things are equal a ripped, model guy will normally beat the skinny guy will get the girl. Now if the skinny guy is successful career-wise and has shit going on in his life, and the ripped guy is still working at burger king and spends his free time living in the past, the tables will turn. I am personally not approaching girls a lot and focusing on school and improving MYSELF (Because I know my career or bank account won't wake up one day and decide it doesn't love me.
    Now that doesn't mean you have to settle for your looks if you are not satisfied, I hated being the skinny guy, so I hit the weights. I went to a nutriologist, researched online, stuck with it and now (4 years later) I am 5'11, 71kgs, shooting for about 80. You can always improve yourself. Now even, if you are ripped, rich and a good guy, sometimes it just doesn't work out. Try not to beat yourself up.

  • Dude, you're 121 lbs @ 5'10? Holy fuck. I've been at that weight @ 5'7 and looked really skinny/unattractive. Bro you need to work on yourself, stop chasing girls and this 'fairy tale' that they will like you for who you are. Get into weightlifting, ASAP. You need to put on a legit 40+ lbs. Trust me, when you get to that point, girls will see you in a completely different light. Your face probably looks like someone who came out of a concentration camp.



    • Bruh thanks, i'll read into that. and yea my face is skinny specially in the cheek area. It ain't appealing at all. Im just wondering bruh how you know girls will see you in a different light? have you seen this happen in reality. Have they treated you differently.

    • EVERYONE who's gotten into bodybuilding experiences the same thing, people treat you differently.

      Funny vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wusp1Jph7j8

  • Oooh problem number 1, you thank god. If you come from a religious background I'm sure I can find several demons keeping you at bay from women other than your looks but religious youngsters your age don't want to listen (problem no 2, not willing to jump out your comfort zone)

    • Im not all that religious.

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    • bruh i dont look young either. my hair lines recceding at the speed of light. I need to eat more, more than i need to hit the gym so I've stopped going. I enjoy basketball and going to the movies but i dont have anyone to go with. Women love guys with a passion for something but they won't find out without giving him a chance instead of being shallow like I've experienced many times.

    • Don't you have friends to go to the movies with or play basketball with? Social circles are as important to attraction as looks. I found one key of failure by me was not maintaining guy friends. Have you ever initiated (not followed) a guy friendship recently? Why don't you join a new basketball team and try make friends with a guy, but lead it. Invite him to your house, a beer etc. that helps loads

  • Well I might sound like an asshole but go find a girl who's looks are comparable to your own and see if it'll work out.

  • Girls say looks don't matter way more than guys but that is bull dude. You should ask girls out though, but you have to be tough because you would have to deal with a lot of rejection before someone says yes

    • How so? I've been ignored in the past. Girls would rather look away then make eye contact with me. My appearance makes them uncomfortable. Most girls i approached have already made there mind up about me. Like the girl i mentioned above. In my mind i got built up anger.