He's a musician and he hit on me a month ago and I don't know what to do?

We were talking as friends for three months than it went downhill. He's a rockstar, he really isn't the rockstar type though, anyway this girl was saying she was his gf. well she isn't. never was. and somebody told him things of me and well he told me to never speak to him again. it was bad. my friends want me to talk to him now since were all finding things out about the girl who said she was his gf. should I?

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  • I think I'd need more information to give you better advice, but if you still want to be friends with him, I would be very upfront about things. If you like him, tell him straight up. Don't try to screw the other girl over either, because karma will come back and bite you. I wouldn't worry about her anyways.

    • i did tell him. he was always asking me to tell him so I did and I think he was about to ask me out. but then the girl ruined things. ask me anything if you want more details. (: