He said something that made me uneasy, moving too fast?

I have been dating this guy for a little over a week and he is so sweet. I really really like him, but we were texting and one text made me super uneasy. He pretty much talked about a forever connection. I did let him know that this kind of thing was going WAY too fast and he apologized, promising to take it slow. Should I be cautious now?


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  • Yes. If you've only been together a week and he's saying something weird in the "soulmate" range, I would proceed with caution.

    • He said he didn't mean it that way, but I am having doubts

    • Well he might of in the moment gotten ahead of himself and just let words fall out. Sometimes people don't have proper filters, but it doesn't mean that they necessarily meant it. I'm not saying you should tug on the reins and get out. You told him that that made you uncomfortable. Good. Now he knows. I think you're ok. Give him the benefit of the doubt, but if he says something that makes you uncomfortable like that again, it may be best to step back.