I'm so confused whether she likes me or not?

We're 26-29 years old still working through grad school. It starts off with her feeding me once, then holding my hand when I joked that my arms are frozen. Then a unexpected romantic dinner and drinks. She asked me to send her home, and we got too tipsy as we were cuddling and fell asleep together in bed.

The next evening, she asked to come over to my place at night with some lame excuse, we watched some video with alcohol and she got too tipsy once again, so we went to bed to sleep together.

During our cuddles, she always sleep upright so its hard to cuddle/spoon. Sometimes I will hold her hand, she would rest on my chest and stroke my body, other times she is just lying on her back.

I'll be going on a trip for a few weeks, when I get back how should I ask her to hangout again? How can I tell whether she likes me?


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  • Confront her, and I be direct. You have a right to know, whether she likes you, if you are emotionally invested.


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