Am I moving things too Quickly or not?

I've been seeing this guy a for month now he says I'm the only one he's seeing and we've alteafy slept together but he won't make things offical ! We act like we're together. am i overthinking it or how long should I wait to ask him what we are?


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What Guys Said 1

  • If status is what you crave then by all means ask. If he says yes then just be the best you. If he does not reply then just leave entirely. I've been in the same situation so trust me its not worth the insecurity in the end. But most importantly don't be bitchy to him if he denies contact. That would be outrageous. And don't expect in any way that you could "change" him to be something he doesn't feel.


What Girls Said 1

  • you should ask him as soon as posible
    you should of already DTR the relasionship even before to too sleep together
    some boys are in it just for fun
    and so try not to be his next victime

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