I have been trying to get to know a girl but I can't seem to hold a conversation with her especially by text please help I want to ask her out ASAP?

I have known her since we were in 5th grade now were seniors we have always been cool with each other but never really friends so I am not in the friendzone she is in a few of my class this year and Iam starting to like her. In one class I sit right beside her so we talk every now and then and she actually asked to be my partner for class work I have tried making a move on several occasions by text and no matter how well the convo is going at some point she tops replying for example on Thanksgiving I sent her a message saying hey she replied with a hey said my name and wished me happy Thanksgiving so I did the same and asked her how hers was going she replied well told me she ate a lot then I told her it was second favorite day of the year she said Christmas is # 1 then I replied how did you know and she doesn't text me back for the rest of the night. The next time we talked was on triva crack were I teased her about taking to long she said she was a busy person then I replied agreeing with her saying that she need to be if she wants to be a famous dancer then she replied with 😌 I continued to ask her about a dance commotion she had coming up she tells me that there routine was not good so I replied really and told her that they did that night at the game was good she told me it was terrible but thanked me I replied that I honestly couldn't tell then got no reply the next day I texted her wishing her goodluck at the competition she thanked me but I was busy so I got it later and texted her tell me how it goes when it's over I got nothing so the next day I texted how bad was it nothing then I texted her you finally got I charter in the game we were playing which she replied to with 😂😂 I told her not get to excited cuz I was going to win no reply then the next day I texted her hey what's up no reply how do I get her to reply or even send the first text and have a better convo me also how do I show her I like her and want to take her out w/out being to aggressive

Ik it was long but thanks for the help you have kinda reassured me that iam going about this the right way


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  • Wow. Just ask her if she would be interested in going out with you, because you have liked her for a while now, think you guys get along, and would like to explore the possibility of having more, but you can't tell if she is interested or not. Just be direct and honest, but patient too not to seem too pushy about it. Why would she say no? Honestly I would like the attention you are giving her and what you text her seems to be completely according to text message etiquette and not annoying at all. Some guys can look too needy and start pushing the girl. But I think now is the time to really make a move. Just go for it or you will be friend zoned as you say.

    • I don't know if she iant interested as the other girl says. I think she might just be oblivious to the fact you like her. I mean it. Therefore being time for a more direct approach.

  • I really hate to say it but she doesn't sound interested :(
    Maybe as a last ditch attempt you can ask her out to something casual, like a coffee or a movie? And see how that goes.


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