Should I consider these as red flags from her?

Girl I went on a date with did the following:

Before our first date stated she already told her family members about me.
Constantly keeps telling me about how guys are hitting on her, giving her their number, checking her out, etc.
Says I need to catch her (err really? Never seen anyone try to set themselves up as a prize)
Apparently has had psychiatric visits before for rage fits which at one point led to her seriously injuring another girl (broke one of her bones).

At this point despite the fact she was trying to get me to make out with her maybe go further, I opted not to because I felt this was both clingy, weird, and crazy.

Was my decision right?


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  • They could definitely be red flags... If tall have been chatting for a few weeks now prior to the first date, I think skcould just be very excited so she told her family member... That might be a sign she doesn't have any close gfs to confide in. Which means she may not have her own life if y'all start dating. But you never know for sure.

    The setting herself up as a prize, she is trying to get you to seal the de which if rushed it is a red flag. There is such a think of being subtle but if it's too much, I would walk away. A little weird.

    Seems pretty early to tell about psych visits... So she has anger issues? I wouldn't know how to take that...

    I think you followed your gut and made the right choice.

    • Sorry about typos. Lol I just woke up. 6:30am here... Eyes stil adjusting

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    • Ha well I am not sure I could write a blog about it but it was definitely the most peculiar way of trying to get a kiss out of someone and then invite them home.

      My face after the come over and listen to the psychiatric tapes comment:

    • lmao


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  • Well done. You should receive a medal. You have outstanding Self-control.

    Nice observation too. And you declined her kiss? Man, I don't know what else to reward you.

    Yeah, the girl's a psycho. All the signs and red flags were there.

    • Hahaha thanks I suppose.

      Well I didn't decline exactly, I just didn't let her bait me into it because it felt like she was trying to rush things into sealing the deal, which felt clingy to be honest - like it's a bucket list: get him on date, make myself irresistible, ensure kiss and sex, boast about it to others... without any regard to who the person was (like it could have just as well been any other person and that would be the same tactic used, not actually getting to get involved with me - which also made me feel like a possible rebound).

      You can read my comment to SillyQuirks_ for more detail about it.

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    • I have, but now she's trying to take blows at me in public/punish me, stating that basically I should have made a move on her and there's something wrong with me for not agreeing to her.

    • Good, 'cause she's a psycho