I like 2 amazing guys so much at the same time.. What the hell do I do about it?

One is 20 and the other 21, I'm 17 and do you think the logical decision would be simply to go with the one closest to my age? Ridiculous I know, but I'm torn! Also, the 21 year old lives abroad whereas the 20 year old lives like 10 minutes away from me. Thing is I actually love the 21 year old unlike the 20 year old and have no clue what I'm doing or even saying haha.


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  • Go for the second one you fell in love with because if you loved the first guy, you wouldn't have fallen for the second. Go for the one you love. It also helps if they live close. How do you know the 21 year old is who he says he is? Anyone can act like someone they're not online whereas you know the 20 year old is genuine. I would go for the 20 year old if I were you.


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  • Go for the one with better career and financial future.

  • You only love one?

    • Yes, but I feel more connected to the other if that makes sense.. Because I see him more. Maybe I love the other one too but I don't feel it. Also, the 21 year old loves me too unlike the other haha. So damn complicated

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  • Lol if you love the 21 year old, despite the obstacles, why are you even asking this question? people shouldn't settle in love ever!

  • You're young.
    Date them both.
    that's what you're supposed to do at your age.

    • That would be cheating? I don't see how it could work haha, plus I'm not the two-timing type

    • Why the early commitment?
      Your choice of course.
      I dated around a lot at your age.
      that's how you learn, not just about guys but about yourself too.

    • Yeah that makes sense, I'll have to think a little about it :) thank youu