Is this girl in to me or just wants to be good friends?

Hi there's this girl in my class she's enjoys my company , laughs when I'm around , often glances at me in class and when i look back she smiles. We talk , sit together in classes sometimes. Also recently when we were leaving for vacation she did hugged me which was a little awkward as we were doing it for the first time she , so i backed it up by a firm side hug so while leaving she said she's gonna miss me and all the fun we had during classes. So she's going out on holidays to some place outside state she and I agreed to meet today in a mall.

By the ways she texts me morning greetings and keeps talking throughout the day some way or the other.

Here's how it went in the mall. We both met talked a lot , I took her to restaurant we had food paid for our bill then again went around mall talking and talking. There was no hand holding or any such couple stuff. Well even on a table while being seated she sat opposite to me and not beside me while having food. She wanted me to lend my pocket money for her trip so I did and she took it. We only took photos of me and she didn't want photos of her taken as she said she was looking bad today. Anyway I texted her saying why we didn't take photos and she said "You silly! I didn't look good lets take photos when we got this week again " so I said okay. Now while leaving we did a firm hug and I said all the best see you in a while bye and she left.

This girl wants to go to the zoo & mall with me again , after she gets back to town.

Do you think this girl is interested in me or is she just expecting to be great friends?


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  • Maybe she likes u
    It really depends on da girl
    If u give a hint to da girl u can find out yourself

    • So you're saying she's into me? Why didn't she do all the couple kinda stuff at least holding hands? I was really expecting she'd do something but she didn't. I've given her loads of hints complimenting her looks often , asking about her boyfriend and she telling me that she's single. Today while talking about her boyfriend she said I'm done with that guy thankgod I dont wanna do it again. What does it really convey?

    • Maybe she wants you to make the move first
      She might b shy
      As I feel.. she is totally into u

    • Hi thanks for the reply yeah we were crossing a street I tried to reach her hands making it look both like a move at the same time safely crossing lol which didn't work cuz she held my arms. Ohh by the way during that day she did say "hey someones clean shaved eh because you were meeting me" and this girl used to make fun of me with another girl in our class when i suddenly made fun of myself along with that girl she's like "you want to be associated with her eh? It was for fun okay you're not supposed to do that to yourself :D" so i said okay.

      Yesterday we were texting and i was like so that was date 1 eh in a funny way so she replies with a grinning teeth emoticon calling me a dumbo so i go like so 2nd date in zoo u ready she's like yeah lol

      With this additional details whats your inference of the probability that she's into me?

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  • I would say to make subtle moves and see how she reacts. Maybe try holding her hand and seeing what she does? If she lets you hold her hand I'm sure she has at least some interest in you!