She flirted a lot with me?

there's this girl who would constantly flirt with me at work, I asked her out and she said she just wanted to be friends after we went out. She kept flirting a lot, today I told her if she just wanted to be friends, she should stop flirting with me because it was confusing to me. She got really sad and wouldn't talk to me and then said that she didn't know what to do. I asked her if she acted like this with other guys and she said no. Why would she do this?


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  • She's maybe interested in you. She flirts with you. Just wants to be friends. Which to me, it means what you guys have is so comfortable and conneceted that she wouldn't want to label you her bf.

    I had the same "issue"
    This guy and I had this very close friendship and we would flirt a lot. I had strong feelings for him. I wouldn't want to confess because I thought it would ruin things between us. It didn't bother me not labeling him my "bf" because either way, it felt like he was mine without making him my boyfriend. Apperantly, he had feelings for me, too. He told me. So I told him how I've been feeling towards him. We both understood that after a relationship, friendships aren't the same. For that matter, we were scared to consider each other a couple. But we made it official. We know the risks but if we feel like what we have is so strong, what is there to fear about?


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  • 1st point: be sure if she doesn't act like that with other guys. Is she a player? a shy sweet girl? get this matter clear cuz if she acts otherwise with men, then she probably has a crush on you and wanted you to be her friend and THEN go out with you.
    If she goes like this with all men, (not necessarily at work) then she's just fooling around


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