If a girl says she has baggage?

If a girl says she has baggage is she trying to warn you off?

She has a child, however that doesn't bother me. We both have partners (wrong of us I know). We both said we have feelings for each other.

To clarify. We have not done anything we are just friends who are unhappy together. We had this conversation that trust would be an issue if we did some thing if we were to get together, however we didn't actually do anything not even kiss. I even slept over her house on the sofa if we were to do something we would have there and then. We were talking about what could happen if we were both single.
I might sound harsh but I am only staying with my partner due to the Christmas season, She knows it will all be over shortly. Sad as it sounds the sooner the better for both of us.


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  • I think she's going to Fuck you over and you'll be broken up with your girl but she's still going to stay with the guy she's with. I think she's leading you on. Think about it- if she was that interested in you she would jump on the bandwagon as soon as you told her you were breaking it off with your now gf. ANd she would follow suit with her bf.
    But instead she is leading you on and telling you she has baggage and she will see in a couple weeks how you feel about each other.
    IDont get your hopes up too high until she truly leaves him.

    • sorry I guess I should have said your wife-looks like you're married

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  • Dont go there it won't end well

    • Tbh i hate cheaters so what ever will be will be and if she cheats on him she will most probably cheat on you. The grass isn't always greener on the other side maybe if you put more effort into saving your own relationship you would be happy

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    • This is going to sound horrible but I have only stayed with my wife due to family pressure (my side) and her family problems.

    • That doesn't mean you jump into bed with a taken woman. A spark between husband and wife can be rekindled you just got to put effort in marraige is for life not just a magical day.

  • You may not have done anything but ur emotionaly cheating , just as wrong my friend

    • I think you are right you know. I feel guilty, typical I must be one of the only few men that have opened up to a girl not slept with them and still felt awful. Proves I still have feelings for my wife, even thou we will be breaking up in the new year. Would you agree that my 'friend' (she truly is a good friend we were even friendly when she was pregnant without no romantic interest) is most probably confused? Most people are just giving their morale view I know its wrong but thats not the question.

  • Why would you date a girl who is taken? And she's trying to be with you even though you are taken. If she is cheating on her partner what makes you think she is not going to cheat on you?
    You really think you will be the only guy she is cheating on her partner with? I'm pretty sure she has another guy lined up. Don't be so naive.

    • The extra I have posted should clear your point up. I totally agree wit you, however we have not done anything. She said she would love a date with me if we were single (she looked upset saying this). We are both going on holidays to other parts of the country for two weeks and she said we shall see how we feel after the two weeks, I was just wondering what the hell she meant from it.

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    • It just seems like you are afraid to be alone. Because you say you do not want to leave your partner until after the holiday why do you need the holiday as an excuse? Do you have children with your partner if you do not I don't see why you would stay with her that long if you have feelings for someone else. And the worst part is if she really had feelings for you then she would leave her partner.

    • I will not leave until Christmas is over due to a family bereavement, long term illness. I have not just left so that I can at least help her during this time. And also with two weeks away from my 'friend' I can then can confirm I am leaving for the right reasons, my friend has even stated her feelings are not as strong as her situation is different yet still likes to have me around which to me fools each other, me more so. Even thou her fiancĂ© slept through the babies first birthday (there are more). If we weren't such good friends it would be easy to walk away and put it down to being unhappy and not see each other.

  • So you're both cheating bags of shits. You deserve one another

    • Bags of shit possibly - cheating no I not done anything.

    • Correction to my last I have not done anything

    • You're wih someone else. You're both with someone else. You're emotionally cheating, if not physically. You need to end things with your current gf, holiday or not.

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  • I think instead of talking about what would happen if you were single, break up with your partners and be single. Why stay in a relationship where your so unhappy if you are talking "what if" conversations to someone you like?

    • that is the plan after Christmas for me anyway. I was just wondering what the girl meant?

    • Just warning you that things are different with a child being involved, especially one that is not yours.