Single ladies if a guy asked you out on a date, would you say no to him two times before you decide to say yes to the date?

They say women don't like it when a guy acts like he's not too desperate for a woman, cause women can loose interest if she feels like her crush is not returning feelings back to her.

So why is it okay for a woman to play kind of hard to get towards a guy at first until she gives him a chance? She making it seem like he's beneath her.

I'm just pointing out the double standard here.


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  • No, if I say "no" then I'm genuinely not interested. I'm not playing hard to get or whatever. by the way, I don't know where you heard that, but don't act at all like you're desperate for a woman. Just don't act completely uninterested in her, either. Match what she gives back, or a little less. Don't put in way more than her in the beginning, when it comes to feelings.


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  • I don't beat around the bush. No means no.

    • Same. More so if it's more than once. It means she really isn't interested. You should respect that.

  • Same reason it's ok for a guy to sleep with lots of women without being considered a whore, it's just how it goes. Men and women are not the same it's that simple

    • Still if a guy slept with lots of women, if he's looking for a relationship, no women will ever go for him, cause due to his past, she'll think he's a player.

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    • Two different things. Sex is pleasurable and actually a necessary part of life in order for it to continue. You're kind of putting it in a negative category and a better comparison would be rape vs physical abuse. I can't answer because one has nothing to do with the other l within the context of your question

    • So you're telling me you would actually fall for a guy who is way over confident at picking up women? it's like you said a woman don't want to be label as a whore, (which is why she would reject the egotistic player guy) knowing she doesn't want to be one of his whores. She has too much class.

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