What to do should I just relax and stop being so nervous?

Weve been talking for a while we stopped talking for almost a year seen each other at a festival and have been talking ever since its been almost two years. We haven't had sex. He says he doesn't want to come to my house because of my dog, I go there a lot he just started working so now he's busy sometimes and we won't speak for long periods of the say and sometimes not for two days. I asked him if he even still wants to talk to me he says he's at the age where he doesn't have time for games and he wouldn't be talking to me if he didn't want to and we haven't had sex so I'm doubting thats what he wants it's been two years. He says I have trust issues (which I do) and he wants to me feel like I trust him before we go into a relationship and commit. Should I just stop badgering him and being a nag or is he really into me?


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  • He says he doesn't like games. Yet he is playing one.

    Ask him all of the questions you have.

  • You need a hobby. You need a life. You need someone outside of this guy.

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