Dating a smart... like super smart... guy?

So I'm no slouch in the brains department, but I have somehow gotten the attention of a Nuerophysicist... like head of a department in a reknowned hospital, interviews on National Geographic for groundbreaking research in his field... yeah. Like an alphabet behind his name.
He speaks in a down to earth way, though, not stuck up at all. Great sense of humor. Doesn't get all super smart unless he is talking about his research, then he gets excited (rightfully so, it is pretty cool stuff).

Question Now: one person average, the other brilliant... does this work? I personally get bored with people who don't challenge me intellectually. I am not stupid, but a Nuerophysicist I am not! Should I even encourage this?


Well. Obviously in rereading this question I need to properly spell his chosen field. What id worse is that was auto corrected.

I am just going to relax and enjoy the ride. We can't meet in person until next week, but he has been texting me all day, every day. It is fun debating with him everything from politics to religion. He seems a gentle soul but he isn't a pushover, either. I find myselgy genuinely intrigued; he isn't playing any games, just flat out likes me. Very refreshing. :)
More typos, stupid phone.


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  • Not all intelligence is equal. I say this as a published physicist - just being good at physics doesn't make me socially smart, or have the ability to debate why Scorsese long shots are overused and self-indulgent. I had to learn certain intelligences. Maybe there is something in you he wants because he doesn't have that. In my experience dating intelligent girls, they've usually been more socially awkward (and sometimes downright rude)... I get along amazingly with girls with far less education


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  • In your place, I would try to hold on
    to him as tightly as I could. ^.^

    If he, as you said, is the down-to-earth
    type, yet has that job, means he's a cool guy
    but can take initiative when needed.

    All great qualities.

    So, hang in there.. ^.^

    Also, just as you, I like a person whom with I can
    speak my mind, and not hold my tongue for them
    to catch up.

    But it should not be a problem, the only problem
    I see here, is you calling yourself average.

    I rate all people highly. ^.^

    • Good point, I actually am a little smarter than the average bear lol. Used to being the smart one, actually.

    • That's the spirit. :3

      Confidence, even faked, shines a bright
      light over any shadows. ^.~

      One needs only have the confidence
      to reach out and grasp what one has the right to own. ^.^

    • tbh that almost sounded poetic, wow o. o

  • You're over 35 and I am only 19, but absolutely go for it ! I'm an intellectual male too, and it is not that easy to find a woman / girl that is willing to commit to us really smart ones ! He will probably be the happiest man in the world!

    As I've said, I'm only 19 and I have a hard time finding an attractive intellectual girl since they're so rare !
    And I get so bored with people who do not challenge me when it comes to conversations and I believe the ability to have conversations at a high level is a crucial basis of a rewarding relationship !
    Plus intellectuals do often speak about their interests and occupations but , as you've already said, they are still able to talk about normal every day things --- BUT on an above average level though.

    I wish you lots of luck with him !

    • And he will most certainly not be like " Oh, you're too stupid for me ! "

  • You two are not that different. He may be smarter but your attitudes are alike as well as where you differ attract each other. You're as refreshing to him as he is to you. Many people take everything personally or get angry if you don't agree with them. Smart people enjoy the other person so long as they're open to discovering solutions together and make it an adventure to discover or ponder the fun of the journey. We live in a world where anyone who thinks they're anything is out calling everyone else names who don't agree with them. Trust me, you're a breath of fresh air to him.

  • There is no problem with it!
    You may consider yourself average but he obviously views you as more! which means a lot judging by his position and intellect
    This a great opportunity for you to learn and probably a very positive companion to have
    Don't feel intimidated by his smarts, embrace them and support him in becoming even smarter!

  • I'll have to ask my girlfriends how they felt about it

  • I'm a smart guy and I hate smart girls.

    Just be yourself. If you got to pretend to be someone else, you'll never enjoy the relationship; and that's the point of the relationship -- both of you should enjoy.

    I work all day and the last thing I want to do with a girl is smart talk.

    So just be yourself. That the best you can do.

  • Just be yourself

  • As long as you aren't a drooling idiot, it'll be fine.

  • Yeah it works.


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  • Your living my dream! Hahaa! I'm 17 and also an intellectual.
    Down to earth smart man are so hard to find. There's definitely a reason he chose you! May your not as average to him as you think you are. If i were you I would hold on to him tight because men like him are very difficult to find :D

  • You must be anticipating boredom if you are asking this, before even meeting him. You're suffering from anxiety?

  • Go for it!

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