How to get over a crush on some one and stop crushing myself?

Hi, we'll I met this guy in the church I go to, we has philosophy groups together, we had a group of friends, so sometimes we got together to dinner, or went to the movies, etc, it's been some time that I don't see him, and not long ago I realized I really like and admire him for the person he is, and we'll he is the best guy I've ever met, the way he thinks is amazing! He mature, and loves to have fun too, he loves his family. A week ago I was scrolling my Facebook homepage, and I saw that one of my best friends went to a party, you had to go in couples, as I was looking at the photos I saw him with a girl, they were hugging as a couple will do, I know that he takes girls with respect and seriously, so I know he would hug just any girl like that, he once told me that if he wanted to date someone it's because he really tought about the future.

But well I want it get over him to stop hurting myself, but it's really hard because I don't think I can find someone better than him, because he is the best person I know, between guys and girls. I don't know if I'm obsessed, but I already thought about it, and no I don't think so.

Could you please give me some tips to get over him, or to have faith in finding as good as him or even better?


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  • Cut his prick off and keep it in a jar of pickles. That way he can never be with anyone else and you have a part of him forever. That or just give it enough time to find a new crush, there probably exists hotter dudes with better personalities you'll end up liking more anyways.

    • Thanks, I think I need to give it a little time, and I'll try to meet new people!

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  • Just eat some waffles and sprinkle some sugar on them. Also look in a mirror while doing so.


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