Dating a girl and just never knew where I stood. help?

Datin a girl for 2 months.. she starts corporate job.. making plans becomes difficult, she offers to meet up since she's free one week... fri and Sunday. hadn't seen her in 2weeks

fri night she ask my plans i let her know and she out with her mate in the same area.. i make a joke and ask were u.. she says she thinkin of heading home.. since she has work to do 2moro..
sat night i try to confirm cinema date plans and she's unsure due to exam she's revisin for.. she says she will let me kno,..(she was goin out later for mates bday)

next day.. she doesn't.. and i ask and she says she goin to stay in the lib.. later that night i call and she apologies for gone girl and we agree no plans until after her exam finish.

i thought i would surprise her with drinks to celebrate.. so on the day her exam finish the followin text commence and it all ends :( -

"dora call me when you exam is finish (she doesn't call)
im out
hw ws it
one ok one shit
ahh dw we will go for drink tonight in aqua
had we organised this?
we talked briefly, thought u could do with some cheering up
lol i could but im goin to drinks with marsh
ahh ok, well how about we go for drinks tomorrow
(monkey face) im in hotels till fri, and so for the next 3 weeks, im only in london on the weekend, which is why i am seeing marsh tonight

im thinkin.. not alternative meet up, i should back off and leave it, maybe hit her up later in the week. but it had been 3 weeks of odd texting, snapchatting and calling.

i say
gettin a drink with u is like drawin blood from a stone haha, drinks at the shard on sat?
her response - "lol i know im sorry." (i dont get this response... is she annoyed)

4 hrs later i try and call and on answer..

females ur input...


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  • If you are hesitant about whether or not you should be in a relationship with this girl, you probably shouldn't be with her. Let her know that seeing her is really important to you and if she really is serious and committed then she should be making time for you and only you. Based on what you wrote it seems like she is trying to distance herself from you. However, in response to your question about the text, she sounds annoyed and doesn't seem to care that she can't go out with you. You need to talk to her to see if she actually wants to be with you or not.

    • thanks.. I keep blamin myself.. did i do something wrong?

      i had a feelin it was a bitchy comment that line..
      do you think my joke was too far? gettin a drink with u is like drawin blood from a stone haha, drinks at the shard on sat?

      im thinking that i should apologize since i did come across needy and pushy or would it not have mattered what i said.. .

      i did text her later in the week for a catch up call and she denied it.. ask hw i was and how was working going but if she's annoyed i can explain to her why i was being pushy.. but she won't pick up my call.

      a week or to later i text her a joke and ask if she was causing trouble..

      she said.. omg i was just thinkin about u today.. hw u been? im still travelling im afraid.

    • Do not blame yourself. You did absolutely NOTHING wrong. Wanting to see your girlfriend is not a crime and if she was truly committed she should want to see you just as badly. You do not need to apologize for being an awesome boyfriend.

    • its a shame its been a month.. she still keeps in friendly contact but i literally had no clue where i went wrong.. we werent gf and bf but we were dating for 2 months.. and her hotel thing was legit.. but she literally went cold on me since those text.. i tried calling and she ignored and not returned my call.. i know i should have text something.. but i just thought not returning a call even if ur annoyed is rude.

      it keeps going throuhg my mind tho if i didn't say gettin a drink with u is like drawin blood from a stone haha, drinks at the shard on sat? and pushed she may have been ok..

      but if ur dating a guy for 2 months and he says the above.. is that enough to just. blanks him and go cold?

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