What do I do if I like my ex and one of my guy friends?

Ok, where do i start? How about this. My ex and i go way back we had our problems in the past like ever couple. But in the time we dated he tried to cheat on my with my best friends about 4 times, and he did cheat on my 3 times. Now im a very nice person and i forgave him, but everyone around me hates him, and will never like him. And he lived in texas for about 1 year, and he finally came but to my homr down to go back to school with me. Now all my friends are sayng he is no good and he will keep hurting me, and i keep folding a blind eye to it. And yesterday my guyfriend that i will not say who for a reason. Told me he likes me and wants to treat me right. He said he hates the guys i pick because they hurt me. And i dont know what to do about all that. Now my guy friend is so nice to me and makes me laugh every day, i am the only one he can open up to. I dont know y tho. But what im asking is should i get out of the relationship with my ex and go with my guy friend, or just stay were i am and try to make it work?


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  • I think you should date who you makes you happy. I think you and your ex have a lot of history together so that may be hard to leave. And I think it depends if your at that point of leaving the ex and the memories behind. If you do date you friend it could work out but if it didn't then you loose a boyfriend and a friend. :( I think it's a tough choice either way.


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