Is it ok to meet someone online?

Hi guys,

So, at first, I wasn't really into meeting people online, till I get to know this girl.

I was on Facebook and I liked a picture of a girl friend of mine, and another girl commented on her picture, that girl cought my eye so I added her and since then we've been talking a lot, she's definitely my type but we live so far away from each other.

I think she likes me too because she initiates conversations, she says my name a lot when we talk, and she talks about her day in details with me and just the way she talks make me laugh, I think that at some point of time she get nervous when she find nothing to talk about and keeps mumbeling and I find that cute :).

So, do you guys think she likes me because of that? Is it fine to meet "the one" online? And how to sustain our thing? Because at some point of time we will meet I'm sure, because I live in a capital city where jobs are so in few months she might move to my city.

Thanks :)))


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  • It's totally fine to meet people online and I actually think that's the future of dating tbh. Good luck!

    • I completely agree with you @BelleGirl21. I met my last two GFs from online dating.

  • DUH!!! Of course it's okay! I actually met my guy on this website, and I'm almost 101% sure he is the one! Good Luck and I really hope it works out for you!

    • thanks, do you think she likes me from what i described?

    • I think she has an interest in you. But don't count on what I said 100% it's really important for you to trust your gut and your instincts on this situation.

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