Why won't he stand up for us?

My boyfriends ex is making my life a living hell. They have a little girl together and she uses her to get at him. She recently broke up with her new boyfriend ( on of the guys she was cheating with) and the first thing she does is try and get my boyfriend back. We was getting his daughter all the time and she loved being with us. But since my boyfriend wouldn't leave me to go back to her she refuses to let him see his daughter. She tells their daughter that her daddy chose a women over her. She has call CPS on me and has spread lies around about me and my children. She caused my boyfriend and I to break up before cause she would tell him that if he really loved his daughter he would not be with me cause I'm the reason he don't see her. She has now started to call him again after two months of keeping his daughter from him. She is still feeding him the BS that I'm the problem and that he needs to be with his daughter. What hurts me more then anything is he does whatever his ex says for him to do and she threatens him to destroy him if he dares to take her to court. Instead of standing up to her and showing her that I'm in his life now and he will have his daughter around me he bows down to her and after everything she put me threw he still takes up for her and makes me to be the bad guy. After a year of being together and being happy (when she's not starting crap) I would think he would have my back. Why don't he?


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  • It's obvious that be is afraid of losing his child. Have you tried to talk to him about it and express how this makes you feel?

    • I talk to him about it all the time and he just shuts down. He won't go to his lawyer and do anything about her keeping his daughter from him as a punishment for choosing to move on with his life and be with me. She straight told him he was her go to guy when she needed him and now she don't have that and she will make our lives hell for it. She puts him down, she has told him he's worthless and has taken everything he has and yet he still let's her run the show. She even used his ss number and took out a online loan and he paid it back instead of pressing any charges. Every time he says something about taking her to court she throws threats at him (even says she will as for paternity cause there's a chance she's not even his) and as soon as she says that he backs off and let's her have her way

    • Well it's either one of two things. He's afraid of her and losing his child or there's something he's not telling you.

      You need to make it clear to him how serious this is and how it's pushing you away. Tell him he needs to take action or you will have to move on. You can say you don't want too, but you are afraid that's where it's leading.

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  • He needs to go to court... and if he won't then you need to move on.


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