I need your solutions. We are in 'love' for a year now. But things messed up a lot. Now she doesn't wanna be called my girl but wants to he mine Help?

So around our 9th month, she fell for a flirty guy. I let her go cuz I thought he's her happiness. But no
She came back. Eversince I had trust issues. Possessiveness. Also she doesn't wanna be in a relationship cuz she has commitment issues. But im still there. Will she feel any difference? Or should I go. She barely spends 20 minutes over a call. Talks till 2 am with her guy friends. And since day 1 I have told her. That I hate it if she talks late night with someone else. She changed a lot. :( she's my first. Im her 12th guy. Is this gonna end well? I need honest help people :) thanks. Ily all.

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  • Please, just leave her. I seriously beg you to leave her. Don't be dumb and allow yourself to be hurt by her bullshit. She's only using you because she knows that she's your first and that you are willing to stay with her despite her wrongdoings. Reading this actually hurts me because I've been where you are, and I regret not moving on sooner. Because of my first love, I now too have major trust issues. Don't stay, it will only negatively affect your views on relationships and love in general.


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  • I'm sorry to say it man but this women is dangerous. I've had similar problems before. Get away and you will feel a lot better with a girl you can trust.

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