Is it normal to feel embarrassed to date due to certain aspects like not having money, small house etc?

Basically come from a family that doesn't make a lot of money, we struggle a bit... they don't speak fluent English but they work very hard! Our house is small, but I mean I'm happy with what we have and all that stuff. I just realized that i feel embarrassed though? I don't want to date because i dont want them to see where i live, or i have to explain what my parents do for work. Everyone i know lives in a nice house, their parents have good jobs, and they can afford a lot of things.

I appreciate everything my parents do, and have done for me so far... but i honestly can't hep but feel embarrassed and usually avoid bringing people over to our house or even the thought of dating someone and having them around... i dont know why i feel like this :(


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  • A little humility is an attractive quality. Get past it and get out there.

    • Straight to the point! I like it, thanks :) I just am still in the process of getting out of my safety shell.

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  • yes, that's normal, but try not to be embarrassed about it, if you bring someone over, and they react negatively about it, they base a lot of their opinions off of that sort of thing, then they really aren't the kind of person you want to be around, you know? If you bring someone over, and they act indifferent and still think of you the same, they base their opinion off of you, not off of where you live, how much money you have, etc. then THAT is the kind of person you should be friends with/date :) Do you get my meaning?

    • Yes completely! And that's what I'm telling myself because I'd do the same thing if whoever I end up dating is in the same situation as me.

  • I don't understand it either.
    I don't really have a lot, and we always struggle when it comes to money, but I'm totally fine with having people over and stuff.
    Maybe you should learn to be proud of what you have and care less about others and their standarts.
    I for example go around bragging about the fact that I don't have money and am still able to live at high standarts.
    All my friends know I'm almost always broke and they're totally fine with it.

    • Hahah, that's good :) I'm just a really self-conscious person and get worried about a lot of things. I guess i should look past it and be grateful to have parents that work so hard for me.

    • Hey man!

  • absolutely. sometimes i feel like im not going to amount to much or have financial or career success even though i do my best. so i feel that im not what most girls are looking for

    • I'm sure someone will look past that and enjoy your presence and what not :)

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  • I can relate. I went from a 3 room apartment to a 1 room with my mom, dad & 2 younger sisters. My parents work very hard too. Sometimes even 12 hours, 7 days a week. I feel embarrassed of where I live, too. I appreciate very much everything my mom and dad do for the family.

    I'm dating someone but I don't bring him over. We live 20 minutes away. I go to the park nearest to where he lives and we hang out there. I don't know why I feel the way I do 😔 it's maybe the fact that your friends might look at you differently, I'm not sure to be honest. I just wanted to let you know you're not the only one going through this.

    • Ah, I'm so sorry :( But like the advice of others that were just given, maybe when you feel comfortable enough to bring him over, you can see how he reacts and if he really likes you for you then he wouldn't mind your living situation. Hopefully everything works out, and maybe you can help your parents a bit? Good luck to you and your relationship as well :)

    • Thank you so much (:

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