How can I get guys to like or notice me?

I have a hard time getting with guys im 15 and everytime i talk to guy i like i always scare them because i try to hard i tried not to but then im ignored. I tried dressing nice trying new clothes but guys just dont come i dont think i smell bad or look that ugly. I really wanted to date i stopped trying since middle school and i thought i should try. Im just hoping for tips or ideas on what to do. Please


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  • Just be patient. I'm sure you'll find someone to date, but it's nothing you need to worry about getting into right away. You're young and you got a lot to look forward to down the line.

    Though if I had a woman approach me I would welcome her warmly. Many guys tend to get intimidated by a girl who approaches them. But don't sacrifice your identity to appease boys. Stay true to yourself and you'll find an amazing guy that'll appreciate you for who you are. :)

  • when will senpai notice meeee?

    lol anyway have you ever considered that you look too pretty and maybe guys are intimidated by you
    the trick is to be yourself (dont try too hard) and keep socializing until the person comes along

    if it improves your confidence to dress well, then by all means keep doing that as long as it feels like you are being you and you are comfortable. Also if guys don't approach you, go ask the guy out yourself, as a guy I would be flattered if any girl asked me out!


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