Will a girl only give her number to someone she barely knows if she likes that person?

If there was no necessity to give the number.

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  • If you want to know if she's interested then ask her out. Text her ONCE, say hey I enjoyed our conversation, I'd like to take you dinner, when are you free.

    Don't worry whether or not she interested. If she is she'll say yes, if she if she isn't she won't. If she says she busy tell her to let her know when she interested and DO NOT text her until she gets back to you. It may be an hour, a day, a week, or never. I've had women who I never even went on a date with text me back 6 months later asking what I've been up to, so you never know. Just live your life and when a girl contacts you assume they want to see you, ask them out, and wait for a reply no mateer how long it takes.

    • So if you texted her multiple times and she didn't reply you may as well give up

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    • Not sure what your point is? Are you scared to ask her out? If so, get over it. If she contacts you again it's because she wants tosee you, so if she does then ask her out.

    • I did ask her out. She said yes then ran away.