What characteristics in a person would blow your socks off?

What do you like in a potential partner that would blow your sock off! bang

also Happy Holidays!

  • Sweet and Caring - will do anything for you because you are just the best person in the world
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  • Super Attractive - So pretty and handsome you swear they walked into a room with a fan blowing at their face
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  • Humor Catalyst- The person is so funny sometimes you can't stop laughing and get a sore throat but at least the rest of you feels happier than ever before
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  • The Talented- So talented one second they could go from cooking a killer meal to doing heart surgery
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  • Super Brain- The smart guy can tell you anything you need to know about anything and you learn something great everyday
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Most Helpful Girl

  • The talented. OH MY GOD. Who wouldn't want a guy who could go from cooking a meal to heart surgery. I want to be a nurse, so a doctor would be amazing. I'm a weird little one.

    • exactly! as long as they don't get some heart surgery fragments mixed into your meal its pretty much a done deal! :D

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    • haha well it would be a great story for the news
      "my partner served me unidentified human meat"

    • Thanks for Mho! (:

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What Girls Said 2

  • i like a guy who has a witty, dark, sarcastic sort of humour. but a guy who is talented at something intelligent (i guess like heart surgery ahah), and nice to look at, well my ovaries would probably cling on and never let go

  • A, D, E

    • hmm, actually all of the above

      A: 30%
      B: 15%
      C: 10%
      D: 20%
      E: 25%

    • woah hold your horses, those perfect guys don't come round often!
      glad to see sweetness and caring tops your list tho :)

What Guys Said 2

  • I love men who make questions just to say Happy Holidays. :3 Warms my... empty cavity?

  • I'm none of those things. Oh well, better luck next time I suppose lol

    • that's impossible! every person has one of those characteristics!
      you will wake up one day and realize you are just amazingly handsome doctor and you crack a hectic joke!

    • you're a kind man and an optimist! lol

    • oh thank you!, I'm glad someone sees me as Optimus Prime (ha), especially if it's a handsome doctor guy

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