What's wrong with my okcupid profile?

I don't get messages from women but they view it my username is medical2415 give me tips cause it gets frustrating if your shy and your only outlet to meet women dosent work


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  • Your profile is really boring. I have no idea what your personality is like because everything you wrote sounds so generic. Basically, all I know about you is that you're a Christian who likes sports. I wonder how many other guys that describes?

    Also, lack of punctuation.

    • Do I lie because that's who I am in the profile it describes my job right now the career I want to get into and things I like doing for fun.

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    • Yeah it just seems like sometimes it's all superficial because a couple girls messaged me when I didn't have a profile pic up but as soon as I posted one they stopped responding like am I that hideous because they seemed interested then just hit the brakes

    • I have a blank profile with no pictures because I'm not looking to meet anyone at this time, but I still like to check out the site every now and then (like when people ask what others think of their profile). I get far more messages with my blank profile than I did when I wrote something and had pictures up. I have no idea why people would message a blank profile, but some do. I highly doubt that any of those people would be a good match with me though, since they're obviously messaging me for a reason other than that they find me attractive and thought we might be compatible based on my profile.

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  • You asked this yesterday, everyone views everyone's, and men outnumber women so you need to keep talking to then not waiting for them to write to you.
    And I don't know advertising your account on girls ask guys will do much accept for give you the oppertunity of a long distance relationship lol!

    • Nah man posting it just gives me tips to go on

    • I was on a dating site once.
      I had the most boring profile and 3 pictures, but i had a game plan which was to say to hello and get replies from as many girls as I can and to ultimately get them off the site and on the phone to me, it's really easy if you can keep on chatting for over half hour, you just complain how crap the site is for chatting and ask for their what's app instead , then ask to call them for a minute or two because they look cute and you want to see what their voice is like:) it worked multiple times.

  • Do you have topless pics on there?