How to complement a girl and show interest with out actually saying I like you?

I plan on asking this girl out soon (we have known each other for like 8yrs but not as like friends just classmates) but I want to talk to her a little and iam trying to show her iam interseted with out coming right out and saying it so I thought I would start giving some compliments but I want them to be real and not sound random, also lately we have only been texting cuz were out on Christmas break soo what are some ideas and ways I can compliment her through text show or show my interest before I ask her out to a movie or something

Oh and by not friends I mean like not close enough to get Friendzone but we do talk to each other a lot


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  • Well knowing her for 8 years and only showing interest now is somewhat weird. But just start of by making eye contact with her, tease her and make her laugh... typical flirty stuff... Don't compliment her until you've built up more of a relationship (only nice guys compliment early in and it's lame), if you're getting a good response from your conversations with her, if she's reciprocating signs of interest, then you can ask her out. And done, you've given her reason to believe you might like her, without actually telling her and ruining the excitement.