Girls are so sensitive Ignored her for days. She's deleting my comments on her pics she uploads on Facebook?

Why would a girl react like this if she doesn't like u. She threaten to ignore me for rest of the year if I ignore her


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  • She's sensitive because she likes u. She's doing this because she is mad that you ignored her for days.

    If you like her, tell her you're sorry and put some more effort into this. Girls love to talk so text/call her more often. Also, take her out on dates.

    If you're not interested, then be upfront about it. Be honest so both of you can move on.

  • How do you know she dosnet like you?

    • U think she does if she's being a bitch? Because I asked if you a flirting with she said no !

    • Yea that dose sound like a bitch thing to say but some girls act that way towards guys they like.

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