I have no clue what his problem is - guys' advice please?

sorry this is kinda long...

so my boyfriend and I broke up a few days ago and it really hurt me because I cared about him a lot and he told me that love is fake and all this stuff this was after he pretty much ignored me for like a week during that week he wouldn't call me text me or anything he went from calling me every night and texting me every day to only talking to me if I talked to him first and after he told me love was fake I was done and sick of it so I told him we should just be friends for a while and that I wanted him to get his stuff today and he said he would. on Tuesday he texted me asking me why I was ignoring him and stuff which was dumb because I hadn't ignored him at all and he was just being dumb after that asking me if I was sad and stuff so I told him I had to go and was going to sleep early this morning at about 2 a.m he texted me saying yo so I texted back and said hi then out of no where he asked if I hated him and I told him no and asked him if he hated me he said no and then I fell asleep and now today he was supposed to come get his stuff but he hasn't texted me or anything today so I'm just wondering what you think is up with him why is he acting this way?


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  • Saying "Love is fake" is either an excuse for why he wants to break up and date some one else or it's his reason for wanting to just sleep with women instead of dating them. Either way it seems like he did lose interest and gave a minor attempt at turning it around by pointing out the fact that you weren't talking to him after he said that. I mean of course you aren't going to talk to him, that's like saying he doesn't love you. So that's my opinion of why he's behaving that way.


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