She started off very interested and now she's backed off. Should I just be patient?

Ok so this girl and I started dating. Everything was great, we hit it off awesome and had lots of fun! She was telling friends and family about me and talking about doing stuff in the near future. Then out I the blue she started to be more standoffish and I have asked her what's up and she just tells me she's jaded from past relationships. When we are around each other she's very PDA with holding hands, being close, and kissing. Then through text she will ignore some messages, be kinda standoffish o others, and sometimes just stop texting me. Is this one of them thing I should be patient with or is this girl just dragging me along?


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  • In my opinion dude sounds like she's looking for physical companionship something to fill the physical void when your together sorry but I'll be blunt it's a string along but if you want to you can all out confront her in front of her friends it's harder face to face to lie than over messaging my friend