How do I know he's actually like dedicated?

I've been dating this guy for almost a month and he always tells me I'm so beautiful and he wouldn't change a thing. when I'm not looking, i know he'll look at me and when i look back, he smiles and looks away. he says he has never been so happy in his life before and wishes he had asked me out so much sooner but the thing is, were only in high school. he seems so mature but is that what you guys would say to a girl if you actually really loved her?

we've been friends for about 2 years before this


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  • "a month", come back in three more.


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  • Ok, first off, you've been dating for less than a month. Love might be a bit strong.
    Second, don't stress about him being 'dedicated'. You're only in high school, it's unlikely you'll marry and have little babies running around. Give both of you a break, and just have fun. That's what teenage years are for.

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