He calls them dates but we're not dating?

I've gone on three 'dates' with a friend of mine who I adore very much. He's calling them dates, but when someone at work asks if were dating he's always like "why do people think that." or "No were just friends." So shouldn't he be more like "let's go hang out" or "let's go to the movies."

He's paid for everything so far. The first two times was because I was late (so he teases me about never being on time.) and when we went for lunch he paid as well.

It's confusing...!

Not to mention he does all sorts of flirtatious things at work or when we are out on our 'dates' like how he held my hand for a while when we were ordering. Me being a ditz never says much when he does things like that.


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  • see he does like you...and if you guys haven't told each other what you want then...he might think it would freak you out to say ya she's my girlfriend when you may not want that...he's probably wondering just as much as you are right now

    • So it's like were waiting for each other to make the first move but neither is doing so XD

    • Ya it sounds like that.....me and my man went through that for like 3 weeks...and every time someone would ask him he would hesitate before he answer and I asked him why and he said it was because he didn't know what to say.....because the first time he kissed I said I wasn't sure I was ready for a relationship but I didn't expect to want one with him but now we have one

    • I don't like thinking into things too much, but sometimes I feel like maybe he's just a too friendly friend XD

  • some times guys pay because the feel like they should...but you should really talk to him, tell him you want to be his girlfriend...he may not say you are because he doesn't know what to say...you and him should talk about that

    • I had already told him I liked him before about 3 months ago..at the time he was seeing someone and said he would be able to return those feelings if he wasn't already dating someone. Now they're not going out and I feel that it may be too soon to tell him seeing as how he's told me he isn't looking for a serious relationship right now.