Where does this put us?

Me and this guy have been talking but I found out from him that he wasn't completely out of a relationship but that is was extremely complicated and not to worry about it. He seems to really care a lot about me (tells me often that he does) and is really sweet. However even with the pet names and time together he hasn't defined our relationship. Where should I go from here?

  • stick with it and see how it plays out
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  • drop him; doesn't look like he can decide
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  • disengage myself a little and watch what I do
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  • If he can't end a relationship before he starts a new one he will never end it. He is getting the best of both worlds, what incentive does he have to choose. If he wasn't single when you started seeing him, he was cheating on his original gf, if he still isn't single he is still cheating. Cheaters never change. What makes you think once he does quit the original (IF he does) he won't do the exact same thing to you. He obviously doesn't think you are worthy enough to devote all his relationship attention to so why should you. Actions speak louder than words and right now his actions are screaming at you. Kick him to the curb, you deserve better.


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  • My wife and I have this exact same issue going on with one of our friends right now. It is not turning out good. Back in the summer time her friend started dating a guy who was freshly ending another relationship. In the other relationship the woman had a baby that was not his, but they were together long enough and he helped raised the kid for a few years. They had a bank account together and everything, so that situation was complicated too. He told our friend that time to time he will still see the kid, which our friend has no problem with. Her only concern was the total break up relationship wise from the other girl. He kept telling her it will happen. Well, here it is Christmas time and he still has the joint bank account, still SLEEPS at her place time to time and they even went shopping together for a day WITHOUT the kid. My wife and I keep telling our friend that she needs to break up with the guy because he simply cannot decide who he wants to spend time with. She has basically wasted 5 month with this guy. If they cannot cleanly break up then they will never be into 100% and that rarely ends well!

  • He either needs to be 100% open with you or he needs to take some time to deal with his issues so that you can have his full attention.


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