Single parents, any age?

Im not going to ask how to people feel about dating a single parent, that question has been ask so many times.

My question is how do YOU as a single parent feel about dating again? Is it harder for you because you are a parent already?
When you tell someone you have kids, do they just stop wanting to talk to you?

Im recently single with 3 kids 5 and 4. My kids father and I are good friends, he has a girlfriend who is nice, she hasn't met my kids yet though. I dont have a problem with finding a guy but I know once I say I have kids, of course they're going to pause.
Im just starting to feel like maybe im going to be single forever.


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  • Dating a single parent presents problems. If she has three kids the problems would be more intense, for instance just a lot of drain on her time and her energy. If I happened across someone and found they were amazing, then I would try to overlook the problems, but I would not just date a gal with kids unless the above was true.

    The biggest problem would be your connection with the father. You don't mention if you were married to him, but regardless, you are still connected with someone who left you, and left you with three kids, and there is the connection between the kids and him. Not something I would want to step into.


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  • To me, it doesn't matter if they have kids or not. As long we can get along and feel that we share our thoughts and opinions with one another, it would be good.


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  • Honestly im single im 29 a mom of a 3 year old to me dating again is terrifying so I dont date cause I don't want to introduce my son to any men especially if its nothing for sure I dont think me bringing different man in to my son's life will make me look good and my son he might be only 3 bit I have a great respect for him so I dont date, I do hook up and have a fuk buddy but I only see him when my son is with his father other than that no way and I aslo will never hire someone to bbabysit just cause I want to fuk im not like that my son to me is before any men... and that's how I feel

    • I definitely see where your coming from and I feel the same way. I have a 5 year old boy, knows a lot for his age. Im noy rushing into dating, I dont even know if I still know how to flirt or start a conversation again. I haven't started talking to anyone but the thought of it is already terrifying.

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