What could his gift be?

It'll be three years in February since we started dating.
Yesterday, he said he wished he had more under the tree for me. I told him that I didn't care about items, just spending Christmas with him was enough to keep me happy.
He then said that he'd buy me something awesome (his words) when he got his tax return. I said no, no you're not. Because I hate when people spend a lot of money on me. I feel awful that they worked hard for it.
He insisted, so I asked, "oh? Like what?"
All he said was, "Hmm... maybe a tattoo. We can get each other's names (in a creepy joking voice)"
I said back, "I love you but that's not happening."
And he laughed and said he was joking, and then he wouldn't say anything else about it
Obviously none of you can read his mind, but guys, what are things you'd get your girlfriend of three years?


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  • Here's the best answer you're going to get all day:

    How about you just wait until Christmas and find out? (it's only a day away now anyways)
    There's no use at all in having the people of the internet get your hopes up if it ends up being something completely different than what anyone on here could guess. You'd be best to just wait and see what it is, and just enjoy the feeling of surprise and merriment.


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