I want my ex back. any advise?

Hi!!! I'm 15 and I dated this guy I really liked for a month an I know a month isn't that long but when we were together I was so happy. He broke up with me over text message and said he wasn't feeling it anymore but I don't know how to get rid of these feelings I have for him. Any advise?


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  • Trust me when was 13
    I had the same thing going on
    Except I was the one who broke up
    Anyways 1 year down the line
    I don't even care
    He was my first bf
    And he sucked
    And that's it.
    I thought I really liked him, you should give it a year too


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  • He may have been into another girl. THE best way to do it is just to ask him out again.


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  • My advice is: GET SOME SELF-ESTEEM. That is a parental advice. I have to be harsh.

  • Forget him or else you'll end up as a puppy following him around, which looks pathetic so please don't do that.
    Don't you worry, you're gonna find another man who is probably even better than him. I'm not saying to forget you ever dated this guy, but he is obviously not interested anymore and he might never be.

    Besides, this guy broke up with you via TEXT?
    What a douchebag, that alone should have made you so mad at him!