Next step, should I get her a C-Mas present?

Me and this girl have been hanging out a bit now. We have done a few things with friends and we seem to have a pretty good connection. She's really cute and nice and I want to take things further, all we have done is hold hands and kind of cuddle. When should I try and kiss her? I know she likes me, she told me. But I guess I'm a bit shy and so is she.

We have been only hanging out for a week so should I get her a Christmas present? And then what should I get her.

Just on a side note she also has bumps on her face a bit to. I don't want to be shallow but it's kind of unattractive at times. She uses some makeup to cover them up as much as possible in just not sure how I feel about them. Am I being shallow by feeling that way?


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  • you're shallow...
    Seriously if you're going to be that dickish, just stop talking to her.


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