What qualities and attributes does a person have to have for you to be attracted to them?

I'm talking about both being both physically and emotionally attracted to the person.

Body type, height, intelligence, confidence, pride, masculinity, trustworthy, cheerful, optomistic, forgiving, genuine, good listener etc.

Has to be smart (big turn on for me)
Loyal, reliable and understanding
Height: anywhere from 2-3 inches shorter to a foot taller, though I would prefer taller
Skinny, chubby or muscular. Overweight is a turn off.
An average to nice face.
Defined eyes.
Ambitious and preferably successful
Loving and caring
Respectable (dresses well, well mannered, etc.)
Clean, good hygiene


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  • Obivously loyal and honest and caring and all that, but he needs to have smarts. I don't want to feel like I'm smarter than him, let's just put it that way. Ambitious/goal oriented. Adventurous. Dry sense of humor. Able to converse intelligently and have an intelligent conversation. Doesn't have an accent so thick that you can barely understand him. When he speaks, he SOUNDS smart. He doesn't have to sound like an arrogant yuppy but I don't want him to sound like just stepped out of the back woods. Taller than me, at least 5'8. Neither needy nor distant. Works out, has some kind of physique going on. Good posture. Has good manners, is a gentleman, chivalrous, respecful, the whole shebang. Good hygiene. Has decent teeth. No copious amounts of yellowness or insane crookedness, that's just a turnoff. Able to be a family man when the time comes. He also cannot have any sort of emotional baggage that would interfere with the relationship, or extensive/constant family problems. I don't want to put up with that shit.


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  • I'm just going to score myself against yours.


    I failed.

  • I would say for me she got to have that gorgeous face, that would rock me back a few inches and take me to another place, oh yeah she definitely gotta have taste, high heels, stockings, and her body gotta be rocking... I mean she in shape, down to curse wit me, and then pray... lay hands on the sick and have something to say, when somebodies out of line, she has a million in one things to do but got time, to chill and unwind... Those lips got kiss, everything that she like and everything that I have is all she things that she finds, suitable to her heart which filled wit all of love, all about the coaxing and the hugging and the oil and the rubs... and she loves to speak her heart, not afraid to show her soul, not afraid to be a woman, and let the man play his role, and she loves to be freak in the sheets and a lady in the streets... can I find her... yeah, is she in here... yeah that's what do it for me, she is fine as can be, all in the gym doing them squats in front of me, can I find her, yeah... is she in here that's what do for me... she is pretty to me, lifting them weights, can you stay and spot for me... that's what do it for me!!! 😁

  • Hmmm... =

    Confidence - can mix with all sorts of people and make them feel good and like she is listening
    Pride - comfortable in her own skin
    Loyal, reliable and understanding (One of THE most important for me)
    Height- between 4'10" and 6'6" (I am 6'7" and really don't want someone taller than me)
    Long hair - i just like long hair
    Slender/athletic and takes care of herself (I get up at 4AM 6 days a week to work out and I try to eat right, so if i can take care of myself, so can she)
    Loving and caring
    Clean, good hygiene
    Can be vulnerable with me and i can be vulnerable with her.

  • Assertive, likes to take initiative
    Pretty face, nice hair, beautiful eyes
    Loyal, smart, understanding
    Athletic, toned or skinny body, long sexy legs, fit, dresses sporty and/or casual
    Confident, dominant, sexually aggressive
    Average height or tall - it doesn't bother me even if she is a bit taller than me

  • Me?

    -Good personality (KEY INGREDIENT ;))
    -Beautiful eyes
    -Nice hair
    -Physically attractive
    -Doesn't have to be athletic but definitely not overweight
    -I like nice boobs and a nice booty, but definitely not needed.
    -I like smart girls, but not nerdy smart.
    -Not slutty
    -Self confident

    Those are a few things :P

    On your scale I scored a 7/10. There were three things I clearly couldn't score myself on lol. Height and I don't have a damn clue if my eyes are "defined" :D

  • Apart from me knowing from instinct... some of these categories are my preferences..

    1. Eyes... nice don't mind colour... but nice striking eyes... u wanna stare into...
    2. Longish hair...
    3. Fittish body... or well toned.
    4. Nice hands.
    5. Feminine characteristics & less testosterone the better.
    6. Sense of humour & sarcastic I find appealing.
    7. Non-smoker
    8. Likes to adventure & spontaneously do things out of the blue.
    9. Nice smile & happy person.
    10. Speaks her mind. No mind games.

  • -open minded
    -sarcastic (huge plus lol)
    -body: thin-chubby
    -height: shorter or taller than me by no more than 2-3 inches (I'm 6ft)
    -likes painting her nails black, red, white or french manicure (it's not a fetish lol)
    -likes wearing jewelry (I'd buy it if she had none :p)
    -loves receiving oral
    -hopefully wants kids later or would adopt

  • Well I got 6 or 7 out of those 9 attributes haha
    I would say:
    Funny, laughs easily, nice smile, smells nice, willing to have hundreds of inside jokes with me, healthy - able to do physical stuff like hike and shoot around with me, a little nerdy, has a beautiful laugh, puts up with my hefty self, nice taste in music. I could come up with more, but that's enough for now.

  • intelligent, kind, caring, considerate, generally looks after themselves, doesn't mind the odd drink. Someone who has career or life aspirations, is goal focussed. Why would you want to be with someone who doesn't want to better themselves?

    If they occasionally smoke i can live with that but don't want someone who smokes 40 a day and doesn't look after themselves in other ways.

  • She must have:
    A good personality (#1 attraction)
    Intelligence (major turn on)
    Self respect (doesn't cut her self or treat herself like garbage)
    Beauty ( I prefer fit girls but personality overcome s beauty)
    Good hygiene (obviously)
    Good sense of humor (the kid inside her)
    Must be a good lover ( her wild side)

    I don't know about defined eyes lol so I'll have to say 9/10.

  • They never ask questions anonymously!

  • Mine is actually pretty simple
    She has to be:
    Any height under 6'2''
    haha i guess its not simple but i would date any girl who was at least 5 things on my list

  • Physically:
    A nice, juicy butt
    A fit body (or at least healthy enough.) Abs are a HUGE bonus.
    A decent hairstyle
    Pretty eyes

    Strong, confident, and assertive
    Highly sexual, raunchy, and flirty
    Blunt and honest
    Doesn't take most things too seriously
    A good enough intelligence, but an eagerness to learn

  • Physical attraction gets my attention
    But these keep me around :
    Open minded
    Easy to get along with
    Simple yet complicated
    Good hygiene is a must!

  • The most important one: a nice and correct attitude. The rest I can accept as a "weak point"... we all have our weak points and if I generally feel good with the person very few things will be a turn off for me.

  • Loyal, kind, surprising, I like a little bit of bipolar, loving, cuddly, puts me in my place, has enough common sense they can make up for my lack of but still crazy enough to fall for me, and I like a bit shorter than me with some pudge, a slight natural tan and dark hair* cough cough my girlfriend, both in personality and looks cough cough* , god damned coughing fits must be sick :P

  • Mine: Funny, Considerate, at least a C cup set of boobs, a semi-large butt, an exotic face, a fun person, submissive.

  • I like girls that I'm at least a head taller than. Good sense of humour, intelligent, so I don't have to explain a joke, talkative (something sexy 'bout girls that talk continuously lol), not necessarily model-beautiful, sexy eyes, shoulder length hair (like playing with girls' hairs. Think I've a hair fetish or something), not necassarily skinny, I want to be able to carry her, just lift her up for no reason

  • I like àll hair colors but prefer redheads not picky about eyes but blue and green are a plus I prefer thick girls looks are mildly important but really into geeky ladies glasses can be very sexy I love when a lady has big tits and ass but what guy don't lol now to the important stuff she has to be smart, funny, caring, understanding, loyal, truthful, I like possessive girls but not jealous, and she has to be real I don't like fakes

  • -Not taller than me, and no more than a foot shorter than me
    -Attractive face
    -Long hair
    -Thin or athletic body
    -Presents herself well (dresses nicely, good hygiene etc)
    -Feminine/Not a tomboy

  • Personality > Appearance

    Height: Not taller than me :P
    Body type: Not overweight or Obese just average
    Face: Average
    Similar Interests
    Is a gamer
    Glasses are a huge turn on I don't know why

  • To be attracted the girl should be confident, less dramatic, genuinely caring, fun to be around and equal participant in conversations. Physically she should know how to carry herself and trendy. That's all.

  • Intelligence , good sense of humor, goal oriented, career women, loving, good with money, quiet.

    Long silky hair, thin, 5.4-5.8 ft. tall, pretty eyes

  • Introverted,
    No war paint (makeup)
    Healthily proportioned

  • For me, attraction is different on any given day. However I will say that being overweight is definitely a turn off

  • Great person.

  • Hahah personality stuff all mixed in and jumbled up with physical attributes and turn ons. SUCH a typical girl.

  • dark exotic, thick eyebrows. in good shape. sense of humor. if you are that, i am yours forever

  • A pretty girl who is very nice and happy (bubbly) all of the time.

  • Sweet girls stole my heart
    wild n fun girls make me rebel against the cautions of my mind

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  • First, appearance:
    I like them tall, at least 5' 7", but 6'+ is always nice. I also love a guy with a nicely defined, but not overly large, chest and abdomen. I'm not saying a little belly is a turnoff, but definition is just so sexy. Hair color is negligible, I'm not really concerned with that, or eye color. I don't like a lot of body hair, either. Like, natural state, not including guys who shave it off.

    Next, personality:
    I like guys that have a sense of humour, that can get and even laugh at my sarcasm. I am a terribly sarcastic person. I like when they're laid back, but still like doing things, and also just like being random and spontaneous. Loyalty is a big one. I won't hold to a cheater when in a committed relationship (note this does not include a strictly friends with benefits relationship) (by that I mean, when I commit, I commit, no side guys and he better be committed to me, no side girls... while when in a strictly friends with benefits relationship, that doesn't apply). Honesty is a big one, as well, particularly with the friends with benefits relationships.

  • We need to have the same values about important political and moral issues such as abortion, death penalty and gay marriage, otherwise I wouldn't even be friends with this person. I think he'd have to be a vegetarian or vegan or at least has to accept not to eat meat in my presence. He has to be intelligent, and open to experiencing new things. Other than that, there's nothing definite. I'm not a girl who goes for super-tall guys (six feet is good) but if I liked him, there's nothing I could care less about. I like when someone has distinc facial features such as a big nose, visible cheekbones or wide set eyes. It's great when someone's into music, literature or sports, or in general, is passionate about something. I like cooking, so having a passion for good food is never wrong. But all those things are details, examples of what a person can be like. I'll probably end up with someone who's seven feet tall, a carnivore and hates music lol.

  • He should have a smile that could light up this whole world. Because, I just love those people with the brightest smiles. He should have a good sense of humour, and make me laugh till my stomach aches. He should be understanding. He need not be good looking. By the way, I don't mind if he's good looking. ;) He should not be flirtateous crocodile. I'll be impressed if he makes me fall for for him without flirting with me. He should be a good listener, as I'm too much talkative and need someone to listen to me. Most importantly, he should be a foodaholic like I am. I'll be really impressed if he could eat 5 samosas in one go. My record is 4. So, he needs to beat me. I don't mind him being fat. He should also behave well with kids. I'll never ever ever fall for a kids-hater. That's all. :)

  • Appearance wise;

    Pretty eyes
    Defined manly facial features (but I tend to like cute looking guys too)
    Taller than 5'10' (that's how tall I am lol but guys who are shorter are not a deal breaker)
    Dresses well
    Preferably athletic (doesn't matter that much)

    Personality wise;

    Humorous (massive turn on)
    Kind and caring
    Easy going and understanding
    Confident but not overly confident to the point of being cocky
    Honest (can also be blunt to a limit)
    Childish (he has to be able to handle me lol)
    Passionate about the things he loves (if he has musical talent huge bonus)

  • Body type is not critical to me, I like guys from thin to chubby.
    Looks have to be attractive in my eyes. I am not concerned about hair or eyes colour.
    Height as long as he is taller than me, I dont bother at all.
    Personality traits have to be:
    1. Kind
    2. Faithful
    3. Respectful
    4. Honest
    5. Down to earth
    6. Love me and dote on me

  • - must be religious
    - must be compassionate
    - must be generous
    - must be free from wickedness and moral perversion
    - must be confident

  • 1. Reasonably attractive but not too good looking
    2. Athletic and watches his diet
    3. No more than 180cm
    4. Has interest and hobbies
    5. A real pleaser in the sack
    6. Affectionate.
    7. Easy going
    8. Plays a sport activity
    9. Ambitious
    10. A softie but not a push over
    11. Passionate about life.
    12. Drinks little.
    13. Friendly and in a good mood most of the time.

    • 14. Well traveled and open minded. He won't get arrogant just cos he has seen the world.

  • Average to good looking face
    Funny-gotta have a sense of humour
    Has to be taller than me
    Normal body... not overly muscular or really overweight. Chubby is ok
    Stands up for themselves
    Not purely nice I find that boring
    Shares similar interests to me is a MUST
    Not short hair. I mean like not shaved short or a few inches growth.
    Sarcastic humour
    Smells nice
    Someone I can have fun with

  • Body type: I don't really care, as long as they're not morbidly obese, and they don't get out of breath by walking up stairs
    Height: Don't really care about that either, preferably taller than me
    Not too prideful, I hate people who always have to be right, I wish to strangle them
    Not tooooo much acne, I would be tempted to buy him acne cream, and I don't think he would appreciate that
    As smart as me or smarter, I would prefer not having to explain everything I say
    As weird as this may sound, someone who watches the news, or at least keeps up with what's going on around the world
    Has the same moral values
    Definitely mature, that's a deal breaker
    No smoking, or drinking too much, I don't care if they have a drink every now and then, but drunk people slightly terrify me
    And no saying 'I love you' a million times, makes me want to puke

  • Tall but then again, most guys are taller than me
    Strong (Almost Alpha like)
    Good hygiene
    Have a job
    Eye contact a must, especially during intimacy
    and probably more than I can think of right now...

  • Can he make me smile
    confident but not cocky
    Intelligent and can talk on a wide arrange of topics
    Athletic and into taking care of himself.
    I prefer a man taller than me
    Kind, strong sense of integrity and strong character
    loyal and dependable
    likes his career or is passionate about something
    love sports
    adventurous, doesn't like routine - will try anything once and enjoys exploring the unknown
    not lazy and not a couch potato ( not an every weekend movie type guy)
    love animals and respectful of all human beings
    talks well about others, his family and past relationships.
    generous and affectionate - I like hugs and snuggling

  • Hmm, i'll try to come up with my magic list haha but really it just depends on how the person and i get along and then we'll see... but anyways

    Kind, patient, nice, hard working, easy going
    tall, athletic, i thought i was into dark hair and dark eyes etc, but the guy i like is blonde, blue eyed and has curly hair haha
    gotta have an open mind and be able to laugh at random things since i laugh at any stupid thing
    that's my basic list really haha

  • Appearance: Tender eyes, cocky smile, sharp collar bones, tall, fit but not overly muscular, tan, and glasses (super adorable)
    Personality: Sweet, funny, cocky at times, caring, wide ranging sense of humor, into multiple types of music, childlike when needed, fun, outgoing, friendly, and open.

  • -Good sense of humor is important. He has to be a funny guy:)
    -charismatic & confident
    -i'll date a skinny guy but chubbier guys are more cozy to fuck not overweight just chunky.
    -caring and understanding
    -loyal and trustworthy
    -nice smile
    -good hygiene, it's a huge turn off when guys have really long nails to be honest.
    -interesting to talk to

  • Body type - I don't care
    Height - 5'4 and up
    Some kind of facial hair
    Dark features
    Intelligence - normal or high
    Confidence - Feels good about himself
    Goal oriented
    Has a sense of humor

    Most of these are not a must but they're a general idea of what kind of guys I'm attracted to

  • Well, when i start looking for a partner, (I'm sixteen, but i don't feel quite ready to date just yet...) I'll probably look for:
    -passionate and faithful
    -good hygeine!!!
    -healthy habits! (I prefer someone who doesn't smoke, drink, or do drugs)
    -likes animals
    -good with kids (Though i dont plan on having more than one or two...)
    -I prefer someone who reads, as i am pretty into books myself, though they dont have to be...)
    My ideal partner would be preferably taller than me by at least a few inches, a handsome face with eyes that draw your attention, and a healthy body.

  • Intelligence, mystery, funny, clean, non-controlling.

    ... as for physical appearance, well, beards and strong hands my friend. Beards and strong hands.

  • Good sense of humor, makes me laugh and feel good about myself, nice and easy to talk too, feeling comfortable with them, having similar interest/personality like me.

  • Funny
    Physically attractive
    In good shape
    I'm 6'1 so 5'10 at least

  • I'm just going to say you described my guy.
    Brainer (college professor), average looks, sexy, caring.

  • I like guys who are funny
    Pretty eyes❤ or at least a nice smile ☺
    Nice hair
    Brave (i love it if you kill a bug for me #scared)
    Accepting of my weirdness
    Can be weird with me
    Not stupid
    Taller than me
    No high pitch voices
    Has most of these qualities 🙏

  • Funny, nice, good smile, smells good, doesn't smoke, my age or older, must be a fan of lord of the rings and sherlock

  • i only have one... real

  • - He has to be intelligent and ambitious.
    - I don't care if we're the same height, but I don't mind if he's a few inches taller than me.
    - I like it when a man dresses up in a suit and tie.
    - Average looks to good looks
    - Respectful and caring.
    -Good hygiene.
    - Loving and Reliable
    - Adventurous. I hope he's willing to try new things with me.
    - I want him to be himself.
    I would like him more if he loves himself before he's ready to love me.

  • Over 5'10" tall not over weight.
    Nice teeth and good skin.
    Good kisser.
    Hard working.
    Empathic and honest.
    Friendly to others and open to change.
    Single, straight.

  • I like a guy with humor, kinda goofy, easy to talk to, He got to be loyal. Also try to initiative when it comes to talking or texting, or I am gonna feel clingy and just drop out. A bit taller than me, relativ nice face. Not to skinny, I like a guy with either extra fat, muscle but not too much. and know how tomake me special and not go around flirting with every girl.

  • brown or blond hair
    blue or green eyes
    doesn't matter the size
    has the capacity to be loved
    someone who will let me protect them

  • integrity, a 10 subjective to my view of the term, an open minded disposition to religion/feminism and a laid back personality

  • Intelligence is a must (typically university educated)
    Decent looking; not really picky on the visuals themselves as long as I can get a wet-on
    Smells human

  • I have a type of guy I imagine whenever I think of a guy... but one time I fell for someone different. I try not to think of a type of guy anymore because I feel like even though someone may not have those qualities, there is just something about them that attracts me altogether. However, one thing I want them to have is a good heart and love God. But that's in my honest opinion.

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