Would a rose by any other name still smell as sweet?

Basically I have fallen in love with my best friends little sister... she makes me uncontrollably happy and her eyes leave me hypnotized she's fun to be around and just plain perfect in every way possible... which leads me to my two main problems. He is overprotective of her and he will kill me, litterelly. And I'll never know if she feels the same, friends of ours are always making jokes including his girlfriend that she has a crush on me but if I tell her how I feel I can loose her and him as friends... I don't expect anyone to know what to tell me... just needed to tell someone it eats at me constantly...


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  • anything that you do, do not fear. Fear keeps you in confusion and constant irritation. Is it better to lose a friend who cannot take a man approaching his sister or is it better to remain in this feeling?

    It is good that brothers are protective but if that protective behaviour be somehow that scares the men who want to approach the girl it is a negative behaviour.

    And he may not be like this and you may be over thinking.

    tell her. but stand strong and do not show a needy behaviour. tell her seriously what you think and ask her to look at you like a normal man to see you out of your friendship with her brother.

    it will be okay.


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  • I had a similiar thing when I was 15 with my best friends twin sister. I knew she liked me back. I told her, she told me, we kept it a secret, I lost my virginity with her.
    As time went by her brother and I didn't end up staying friends anyway just because we took different life paths, nobody ever found out about his sister and I.

    So the model of the story is just go for it, nothing bad will actually come of it.

    • Well me and his life paths went the same way, we are both in the service, our families are really close, he's dating a girl who's been my best friend since before me and him or they met... a lot to loose just telling her that I care about her

    • You mean a lot to lose. Loose means the opposite of tight.

      If he swept your best female friend away, you have the God given right to bang his sister.
      My son, you have the blessing of Sexualchrist.

  • Be a man. If you like her, tell her.

    If you're lucky and she likes you back, nut up and be open about how you feel.

    Don't treat her like trash and he won't kill you. He'll get over it.