How to attract a player just for the experience?

Alright, there's this guy who's the total player at my school, he's hot and popular and everything. No big deal, I just kinda like him. I mean, he cute, but not the sweetest. He had Grace as a gf, and they would make out by the locker rooms. He's really hot, with dark brown eyes and adorable blonde hair and a smoking hot body. And from what i saw he kisses really well. But Grace broke up with him because he grabbed her ass a couple of times, and he slipped a hand into her pants once and up her shirt a couple times. I just really want the experience, everyone else has kissed at least three guys in the past year. I'm almost in high school so I figured I'm ready to kiss a guy, right?

But the hard part is how do I make him notice me? I'm popular, sort of. I'm close to Grace at least in the same clique that coming lea with his and he's in my PE class. What do players want in a girl? Just a slutty mess with a hot body? I only have a few months left with these people, then I move, so I have a lot of opportunities, and a lot of time to practice for high school. Oh, and I had my brother edit and add more details to this a little.


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  • Catfishes are becoming less creative these days.

    Anyways, if you want to hook up with him just go up to him and start complimenting him directly about his looks. Do it a lot and he'll eventually make moves on you.

    • The fuck is a catfish? Oh and thanks btw!

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